Help us finish the 20 episodes, then we will translate and share these films together with their bible passages. You will get a free resource to use in your ministry – both films and songs. Help us finish this great project by either donating – maybe the Sunday offering from your congregation – or providing translation for a people group you care about.

Share the news, this will be great!

The story

The story


Follow Gods great masterplan for human salvation through preparations of a nation over several thousands of years until God himself became man and himself made the biggest sacrifice, his life.

See our first film here:


The Story

The Legacy of Adam is 20 episodes short episodes that start with Adam and Eve and ends with Jesus and his great sacrifice to save the human race.

In the very beginning, God made Adam and Eve and they both lived together with God. But then they got separated from God and had to leave his presence. This is the story of how God prepared a plan of astronomical proportions in order to reunite the human race and God once more.

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Who are we

who are we?

The Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) has always reached out with the gospel to unreached people groups around the world and have had their presence in 15 countries over the last 128 years. And when they hired the animator Roger Gihlemoen, the idea of making films was born. Roger is a multi-award-winning artist with a passion for visual effects, storytelling and a dash of odd humor. He has more than 15 years of experience in films, commercials, theater, and tv. Until now he has produced everything single-handed, but after the funding, he will use his network of animators to complete the Legacy of Adam.

why do we make these films

why these films?

Initially, the idea for the film came from the lack of content for children and young in East Africa. With 44.8% of the population below the age of 15, they are a young population. But they are not prioritized, so if they get to watch something it is not in their language nor for their age group.
We hope to inspire other filmmakers to follow in our footsteps by being the pioneers and make Tanzanias` first animation series in Swahili.

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why support us?

With little or no content produced from this part of the world, the impact we could have, might be enormous. Help us make good childhood memories as people will recognize their culture in these films.
And the way the series is build up, it will be a great tool for teaching theological fundamentals in an easy way, not only in Africa but worldwide as we will translate and dub the films to many languages.
The stories are chosen so both Christians and Muslims will recognize them and therefore get the opportunity to study the stories together.

The team

the team

While Roger is the glue in this production he has gotten a few very important co-workers.
Since the beginning of the production, Leila Mohammed and Ester Daniel have worked as production assistants here in Tanzania, working with everything from casting, legal issues, grip to face tracking.
Our acting troupe consisted of 7 actors with a solid core of 4 actors; Stella Situma from Kenya, William Marungi, Hammerson Luhanga and Geric Kimaro all from Tanzania. We have had three dancers that all came from Ibuka Dance foundation here in Arusha, Tanzania.
The technical team consists of Jason Thomas, a Brit living in Tanzania, who is a brilliant drawer and a good character artist, he will continue to develop the 75 characters present in this film.
He is accompanied by Therese Burum from Norway, a former student of Roger, who has a keen eye for human sculpting and anatomy.
The music has been produced by Daniel Reinaru in Crux Media in Estonia, while the film score was handled by Ido Kashi in Israel.
To handle the massive amount of film material in the production, the India based studio Apple Arts are eagerly awaiting to chew through terabytes of motion capture and face data.

So far we have also relied heavily on volunteers to translate and
Additional artists from around the world will be included to realize this international cooperation.

Proof of concept

proof of concept

Our first episode is produced and airing, it is a proof of concept itself. Go and see it if you haven't yet.

We have been inspired by East African artwork and patterns.
And we have a lot of artwork already made for episodes to come.
The style of recycled metal, paper, and clay really work well together and it is really fun to see metal striped elephants walk around in the garden of Eden.
The entire series of 20 episodes have already been recorded and we have made a rough cut, the stories are there, they work, and now we need to transform our data into animations.


Simplified budget


We produce a high amount of quality animation on a very low budget.
Our budget is approx 3-10% of what a similar commercial production would be.
This is what we need:

Animation (41%) ~300.000 USD
Asset creation (17%) ~125.000 USD
Render and compositing (22%) ~160.000 USD
Sound and dubbing (2%) ~15.100 USD
Software (1%) ~4.900 USD
(Simulation (17%) ~128.000 USD stretch goal)

Total 605.000 USD
(stretch goal 733.000 USD)

how can you help?

how can you help

We are eager to finish this project and unleash its full potential, but we are dependent on funding to make it happen.
Have a look at these ways of contributing to our project.


This is by far the most efficient way you can help our project.
We need your donation to reach our goal!
You could, for example, share the donation from your congregation with us, this is outreach, this is church!
When we reach our goal we can ship all our files to India and get this started!

Spread the word!

We rely on people to share our project. Please share our films and let others know about our campaign!
Remember the final product will be free, so let us give as many as possible the possibility to know about this resource.

Stay with us

The best way to follow our production is on Instagram, we have been posting our progress there since the beginning, and we will continue to do so. It was in Swahili, but now it's in English.

Side effects

side effects

Our great films require great music, so we gathered talented artists from all over Tanzania and had them work witrh Crux media in Estonia, the result was high quality pop song.

Another really cool thing is our Henna drawings, Henna is a herb used to make traditional decorative patterns on the skin. We use it to tell our bible stories, and reach out to our Muslim neighbours.



Anne M. Gihlemoen
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Roger A. Gihlemoen
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