We aim to reach the unreached
— Norwegian Lutheran Mission

Five stories

The Legacy of Adam is an animated film series that consists of five stories, divided into 20 episodes. They start with Adam in paradise, continue with Abraham, David and Goliath, Jesus' birth and his death and resurrection.

The films are made by utilizing motion capture, hence making animation based on real actors.

So far it has become an animated series, songs, Henna drawings, radio play in Swahili, and we hope to make a book series as well.


East Africa and Middle East

Tanzania is an excellent starting place for reaching unreached people groups with the gospel, as Christians, Muslims and Hindus -people of different tribes and nationalities- all live in peace. The Legacy of Adam is a fun project recorded in Tanzania with East Africans. The films currently have a target group of approx 50 million Swahili speaking children and young, and we'll translate to several other languages to increase our target group.


We made this!

The concept is developed and produced by Roger Gihlemoen, a missionary and animator with many years in the film and TV industry and several achievements, such as Hedda prices and an Emmy nomination. Norwegian Lutheran Mission is behind the project and a healthy theology is secured by proofing the scripts through Prof. Baard Erik Hallesby Norheim.

The project was initiated in August 2016, and the filming was done in May-June 2017, in the beginning of 2018 we started working on the animations, and in April 2019 our first episode was done. So far the project cost have reached approx 42.000 Usd (April 2019), and we aim at collecting 470.000 usd to complete the project. That is a small amount for a production like this!

When we reach our financial goal, we will work to finish the project by the end of 2021.


Still want to know more? Have a look at this extensive info film. Subtitles in Norwegian.